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Hello Liswyn, welcome to the wiki!

There are definitely problems in the Portugese translation of the game, as you've noticed. But, the wiki has to read the same as the game unfortunately. There's nothing wrong with noting that the translation is bad, however. (See the Braseiro dourado page for an example of a note I added.)

The Stardrop page is here: Fruta-estrela, and I've created the page Carambola for you already.

Creating a page is pretty simple, you can click the link on the English wiki, in the left sidebar for Portugese, which will take you to "create page" on the PT-BR wiki. (You have to be signed in already). Copy the entire English page (just the stuff in the white edit box) and paste it into the new page.

The inter-language links are at the bottom of the page, so the first thing you should do when creating a new page is delete [[pt:Pagename]] and add [[en:English page name]].

If you have questions, please ask me, or you can look at the Mediawiki guide online. Some helpful pages (maybe):

Thank you for translating!!

Also, if you see "Stardrop" where it should say "Starfruit" (in Portugese), then please feel free to correct it! margotbean (discussão) 19h38min de 21 de outubro de 2017 (BST)


Hello again! Well, you're absolutely right about them being called "Conjutos". We will have to change it. All of it. *sigh*

Not to spoil your gameplay, but if you complete a bundle, sometimes the Junimos call it a "pacote", so I can see where the problem came from. However, the in-game screens call them "Conjutos", so that is what they need to be called on the wiki.

Thank you for pointing that out!

I think I will have to make most of the changes. Some of them are on protected pages, and others are in templates, so I will take care of that.

Good job on the Carambola page! I hope you're having fun translating! Keep going, you're doing great!  :) margotbean (discussão) 01h56min de 22 de outubro de 2017 (BST)


You're quite welcome for the translations. Yes, I'm sure that's how they are in the game, since I copied/pasted from the data files. I'm so sorry that someone translated "juicy" as "quente"... it's just sloppy work, there's no denying it. I'm glad you got a laugh out of the quest, at least.  ;) I've google translated "Um soldado do caramba" and got the same result. What a thing to see... I wonder if the translators realized the game is ESRB/Pegi rated "E" for Everyone (including kids)???

You know how to submit a bug report? You can post on the chucklefish forums or use the official site (stardewvalley.net), under FAQs there is a section that says "Help! I found a bug! What can I do?" Click on that and there's a form to fill out with details about the bug.

It wouldn't hurt if you added a note to the Carambola page saying "the fruit is actually juicy, not hot, despite the in-game description." Or words to that effect. Whatever you think is appropriate.

Future reference: the names of the quests are on the Missões page. I think I've double-checked them all, so they should be the same as they appear in the game.

Thanks for plowing through the mess and translating!! margotbean (discussão) 21h17min de 26 de outubro de 2017 (BST)

Well, I'm glad to know "caramba" is not a swear word. Fun fact: the German translation of the game has Pam saying "it's a sh*t world, kid", so you never know what you'll find!

I don't know if the translations will ever be updated, but I really really hope so. There are so many errors... I think the more bug reports we submit, the better.

Good job on the note on the Carambola page! I suspect you may be writing a lot of those notes... margotbean (discussão) 22h48min de 30 de outubro de 2017 (UTC)