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Vlw pelo ajuste no Dourado, eu achava que não tinham paginas feitas pros "Rolinhos de arroz". Thx ^^ - Art


Como eu corrijo os ícones que desaparecem?

Ex: Diamante

Salve, -Art

Oi, Art930. Parece que Margotbean já corrigiu os links. Se você olhar o histórico de edição dá para aprender muita coisa por lá. Por exemplo:
  • quando tiver o parâmetro |image =  numa infobox, não precisa traduzir o nome que vem depois, pois praticamente todas as imagens que usamos aqui na wiki em português, vem de arquivos upados na wiki em inglês.
  • quando tiver uma predefinição {{name|NOMEemINGLÊS|...}}, é só adicionar o parâmetro |alt=NOMEemPORTUGUÊS , logo depois do nome em inglês.
Ex.: O que antes era {{name|Iron Bar|5}}, fica {{name|Iron Bar|alt=Barra de ferro|5}}
Qualquer coisa, estamos aí. Sapador (discussão) 02h32min de 27 de janeiro de 2018 (UTC)


Oi Sapador! I have added a note to Marnie's page about the bad translation of her response to liked or neutral gifts. Would you mind checking the wording in Portugese? I used an online translator, so it may or may not make sense. Thank you! margotbean (discussão) 00h19min de 28 de janeiro de 2018 (UTC)

Verified, margotbean. Sapador (discussão) 03h42min de 28 de janeiro de 2018 (UTC)
Thank you! margotbean (discussão) 23h35min de 29 de janeiro de 2018 (UTC)

Equipamento link

Removed.  :) margotbean (discussão) 20h36min de 1 de fevereiro de 2018 (UTC)

Thanks! Sapador (discussão) 20h57min de 1 de fevereiro de 2018 (UTC)

Marnie (again)

Hi Sapador! The recent edit to Marnie's page about the bad translation of "Obrigado" is bothering me. Every other female villager's page says "Obrigado" because that's what she says in-game. No other female villager's page says "Obrigada" with a note about bad translation.

I don't speak Portugese, so I can't say if it's a strict rule about women saying "Obrigada" and men saying "Obrigado". I've researched on the internet, and it seems that is most common, but women can say "Obrigado" and be grammatically correct.

Either way, the thing that is bugging me is that not all pages match each other. So, my question is, can I delete the "bad translation" note on Marnie's page and change her dialogue back to "Obrigado" like it is in-game and leave it at that? Or, do I have to put "bad translation" notes on all female villagers' pages?

Thank you for any thoughts you can give. margotbean (discussão) 22h57min de 18 de fevereiro de 2018 (UTC)

This is not simple to answer. Grammatically, women saying "obrigado" is wrong. Today (2018), in any written portuguese exam, it will be considered as a fault. The speech experience although shows many women, not under educated, saying "obrigado" without any embarrassment.
This is because the way people use this word is changing: before, it was employed as an adjective, a shorter form of "From now on, I'm obligated towards you." Meaning you had a debt to pay, and that you was "obligated". As adjectives in Portuguese shall concord with the noums they refer to, you had women saying "obrigada" and men saying "obrigado".
As decades passed with people only saying the shorter form "obrigado" or "obrigada", the reason why the word was been flexionated has fallen in the cellars of "Do you know why?" sections of grammatical courses, completely isolated from the every-day experience.
The result of this process is that people are using this word as an interjection of gratitude, meaning no "debt" or "obligation", not even implicit, but simply that the person is happy for what someone else has done to him, and that he is at least minimally polite to manifest his gratitute to the other.
For the practical context here, if the game had used audio voices for the dialogues, no brazilian would ever make any remark about women saying "obrigado" in-game. But, as the game shows written dialogues, it may look a bit strange for many. And, as this is documented on the wiki, it will always cause brazilians to jump into it to "fix". More even because most editors, as I'm seeing here, don't worry about how the expression appears in-game. So, this is why I'm saying it's not an easy question.
I agree with you that what we have now isn't good. I particularly prefer the wiki showing texts exactly as they come in-game, except if it becomes illogical, which is not the case. So, if I'm obligated to choose a standard, I'd say to leave it as "obrigado", advising however it will require some pacience to calm down brazilian editors' impetuosity.
P.S.: Penny is also saying "obrigado"Sapador (discussão) 00h45min de 19 de fevereiro de 2018 (UTC)
Thank you so much for the explanation! It's good to speak with a Brazilian, instead of trying to learn from the cellars of "Do you know why?" sections of online language courses, as you so aptly put it.
(I have a funny story about how I spent half a day browsing Brazilian ice cream shop webpages trying to figure out what to call the "Ice Cream Stand", but that's a story for another day. Suffice to say, I learned a bit about Brazilian fruit, but not so much about the language.)
So, I'm going to change the pages to read as they are in-game. I'm going to delete the note on Marnie's page about the bad translation for now. If you think there should be a note about bad translation on all female villagers' pages, then we can add those. I don't mind doing the work of adding a note to all the pages, but you would have to write it. If you think it's the right thing to do, then you can write a general note that would cover all preferences (like, love, neutral, etc.) Let me know if you think this is the best thing to do.
Again, thank you! margotbean (discussão) 18h27min de 19 de fevereiro de 2018 (UTC)
Yes, I think this is the best for now. About the notes, I'll think in a way to do it withouth bringing more attention to something that should go unnoticed. Sapador (discussão) 19h00min de 19 de fevereiro de 2018 (UTC)

Articles' titles in plural

Yes, we should create one page for each tool, with a plural name. Then change all existing pages (Machado, Machado de Cobre, Machado de Aço, etc.) to redirect to the new plural page. I would have done this myself already, but some of the pages are already translated. Let me know if you have questions about how to do this. (And thank you, I have wanted to merge all the tool pages for a while!) margotbean (discussão) 18h02min de 28 de fevereiro de 2018 (UTC)

PT wiki creating extra lines when rendering

Hi Sapador! The FishLocation templates shouldn't be adding an extra line, I agree with you that it's quite undesirable. I'll take a look at it to see if I can fix it. A word of warning, though, I have looked at the templates before to try to fix the elevated "1" at the right side of the timeline, and failed completely. I couldn't figure out how to fix it. But, I will give it another try.

I agree that removing the extra lines on the Estratégia de pesca page is an option, but not the best choice. We'll call it plan B, ok?  :) margotbean (discussão) 17h31min de 20 de maio de 2018 (BST)

Update: I have narrowed down the problem to tables that do not have separate entries for the 4 seasons. All tables that list "Todas Estações" have an extra blank line after. ...Still trying to figure out why. margotbean (discussão) 19h06min de 20 de maio de 2018 (BST)
Oh my goodness, that was so simple, but I didn't figure it out! Good for you!! And now we have the "1am" entry fixed, and the blank line fixed. We make a good team.  :D margotbean (discussão) 15h52min de 21 de maio de 2018 (BST)