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Hello! I saw your comment about the Histórico de Versões page. You can translate it all if you wish. It's a lot to do, so take your time. Just don't translate the parts that say id="Version 1.2" or id="Version 1.0", etc. Those are used by Predefinição:History to link the "History" section of pages to the right spot.  :)

I also have a request for you. I saw that someone moved page Casamento to Matrimônio, and so I went around and changed all the "Casamento" links to "Matrimônio." I also changed Predefinição:Infobox villager to say "Matrimônio" instead of "Casamento." I don't speak a word of Portugese (I'm so sorry), so I don't know if that was the right thing to do. Which word is right? Should I change Predefinição:Infobox villager to say "Casamento" or not? Please advise!

Thank you! margotbean (discussão) 10h47min de 1 de maio de 2017 (BST)

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Olá gostaria de saber se o Utilizador Nagisa é brasileiro ou pelo menos sabe falar português.Por favor entrar em contato comigo pois alterou muitas das minhas traduçoes alegando que eu copiei do google tradutor sendo que sou formado e tenho curso de inglês. Utilizador:MisterM (discussão) 19h34min de 8 de maio de 2017 (BST)

Hello, I would like to know if the Nagisa User is Brazilian or at least speak Portuguese. Please contact me because I have changed many of my translations claiming that I copied from google translator being that I am trained and have an English course Utilizador:MisterM (discussão) 19h33min de 8 de maio de 2017 (BST)


I made some changes that I hope will fix some problems. Translators will have to delete the "name" and "image" parameters, and replace them with the "eng" parameter (which is the name of the image in English without the extention .png) when they translate pages.

I also made changes to Predefinição:Artisan that I hope will help.

Please feel free to fix anything that is not translated or not working correctly. Regards! margotbean (discussão) 10h11min de 13 de maio de 2017 (BST)


I made the change to Predefinição:Qualityprice. I assumed you wanted a space between the image and the word "ouros". As always, feel free to fix anything that's still wrong. Cheers! margotbean (discussão) 18h51min de 13 de maio de 2017 (BST)

Edit -- I meant a space between the numbers and the word "ouros." margotbean (discussão) 18h53min de 13 de maio de 2017 (BST)

Translating release notes

Hi Nagisa. In an edit to Histórico de Versões, you wrote:

“I'm not actually supposed to translate the rest of the text since it's developer written, but if you want me to. It will just take some time.”

Yes, feel free to translate the release notes! These are maintained by the community. I changed the page layout to match the new layout on the English wiki, but I tried to keep your translations where possible. —Pathoschild (discussão) 22h43min de 15 de maio de 2017 (BST)

Moving Pages

Nagisa, I understand you feel strongly about the wiki, but you need to stop moving pages to names that don't exist in-game. If you're looking for something to do, there's a link in the sidebar of untranslated pages. Just pick one, and have at it. Your translation skills are invaluable. Thank you. margotbean (discussão) 22h39min de 30 de maio de 2017 (BST)

Hi Nagisa -- unfortunaltely mediawiki searches are not "smart" like google searches, so if a player comes to the wiki seeking information about an item they've found in-game, and they type in the name of the item, the wiki will return "no results" if the pagename doesn't match the in-game name. So the wiki needs to match the game. I'm sorry.
There is a bug report form on the official site: https://www.stardewvalley.net/faq/ under the heading "I found a bug! What should I do?". There is also a thread on the Chucklefish forums for reporting bad translations: http://community.playstarbound.com/threads/multi-language-open-beta-available.130058/
Until the game is "fixed" however, I'm going to need to make sure users can find what they're looking for.
The good news is that your limited time doesn't need to be spent moving pages around anymore! Hopefully you can come back and translate when your schedule permits. Thanks margotbean (discussão) 22h52min de 30 de maio de 2017 (BST)
As a matter of fact, the wiki does not redirect to the upper/lower case variant automatically. That is my point. Please stop moving pages. Thank you. margotbean (discussão) 23h10min de 30 de maio de 2017 (BST)